Iwate Hotel and Resort Co., Ltd. (here in after referred to as “the facility”)  website booking system managed and operated by Amer Sports Japan Co., Ltd. for reservations for customers use rental skis and snowboards. (Herei n after referred to as this system), the following contents are defined as terms of use when performing.


1. Reservation application

This system is a system that allows customers to make rental reservations for skiing and snowboarding directly at the facility using the Internet. This system can be used by anyone, but registration of customer information is required to apply for ski / snowboard rental reservations.


2. Registration of customer information


(1) Enter the information required for registration from the registration screen. Anyone with an e-mail address can register. After registration is completed, a registration completion notification e-mail will be sent to the registered e-mail address.

(2) Registration is free and there is no registration fee or annual fee.

(3) Registered personal information will be used for the following purposes.


(Main purpose of use)

・ In order to deliver information about services, products, events, sales, campaigns, etc. implemented at facilities and hotels operated by this facility through means such as e-mail magazines and mailed items.

・ In order to increase the response to customer opinions and questions from facilities and hotels operated by this facility.

・ To gather information obtained by statistically processing customer information and to improve the services operated by this facility.

・ To contact you about important items related to rental products and rental services operated by this facility.

・ In other individual services, personal information may be used for purposes not listed above. In that case, that effect will be posted for each individual service.

(4) Other registered customer information will be handled based on the privacy policy of AMER Sports Japan Co., Ltd., which is responsible for the operation of this facility privacy policy and this system. The privacy policy of this facility and AMER SPORTS JAPAN CO., LTD. Can be viewed from the following site. If you agree to these terms of use, it is considered that you have also agreed to these privacy policies.

Resort privacy policy


Amer Sports Japan Privacy Policy



3. Application for reservation (Conclusion of usage contract)


(1) When you make a reservation application, the customer confirms the details registered with this system, and when the reservation regular registration button is pressed, the rental contract for the facility is established .

(2) The usage contract is concluded directly between the customer and the facility. This rental usage contract depends on the rental usage agreement of this facility.


4. Change / cancellation of reservation details


(1) If all or part of the registration details have been changed, use this system to register the change promptly.

(2) If this system cannot be used due to unavoidable circumstances, please contact the following contact directly from the customer. If you contact the following contact directly, the change cancellation notice will not be sent.


5. Prohibited matters


The following actions are prohibited when using this system.


(1) Make a false or unfair application when making a reservation.

(2) Apply for a reservation on behalf of another person without the consent of the principal.

(3) Acts that unfairly interfere with the operation of this system and cause a disadvantage to our company, or an act that may cause it.

(4) Acts that infringe, damage or cause any other user or third party

(5) Use this system for commercial purposes, such as resale and mediation for a fee

(6) Acts that violate or may violate public order and morals and laws

(7) In addition to the preceding items, any act that the facility deems inappropriate



In the event that a problem arises with respect to the use of this system, matters that are not stipulated in these Terms shall be discussed and resolved in good faith between the parties.


7.Rental reservation period (2019-2020 season): December 14, 2019 (Saturday) to May 6, 2020 (Wednesday) or ski resort closing date

“Cancellations / changes are accepted until 5 PM two days before the reservation date.

(Example) If you make a reservation on January 3rd, you can cancel or change until 5PM on January 1st. “


Please prepare your reservation number and come to the desired receiving location. APPI PLAZA 1st floor SALOMON & ATOMIC STATION will be the reception area. Rental equipment will be prepared. Please return it on the last day of use.


8.Terms of use


Change contract details

Even after the conclusion of the contract, in the event of natural disasters, transportation, or any other reason that our company cannot be involved with, we will promptly prompt the customer in advance if it is unavoidable to ensure safe and smooth rental. We may change the contents of the rental service and other contracts by explaining the reason why the reason cannot be involved and the causal relationship with the reason. However, if it is unavoidable in an emergency, we will explain it after the change.


Changing the amount of rental fee


1) The Company may change the rental fee within the scope of the increase / decrease if the amount is increased or decreased significantly beyond the normal level due to significant changes in economic conditions.


Cancellation by the customer (before starting rental)


1) The customer can cancel the contract at any time by paying us the cancellation fee specified in the cancellation fee. However, applications for cancellation of contracts will be accepted within the business hours of our application (facsimiles, e-mails etc. received after the business hours will be accepted the next business day).


2) In the following cases, the customer can cancel the contract without paying a cancellation fee before starting rental regardless of the provisions of (1) in this section.

Rental service such as natural disasters, wars, riots, transportation, etc., public office orders, or other reasons arise. “


Cancellation of contract by our company (before starting rental)


1) In the following cases, the Company may cancel the contract after explaining the reason to the customer.

(A) When the customer requests a burden that exceeds the reasonable scope of the contract.

(B) When the rental conditions specified in advance by the Company are not fulfilled, such as a lack of snowfall, or when the risk is extremely high.

(C) In the event of natural disasters, wars, riots, suspension of provision of rental services such as transportation agencies, orders from public offices, or other reasons that cannot be involved in our company, it is impossible to rent safely and smoothly When there is a great risk of becoming or impossible. “


Cancellation fee


If the contract is canceled due to the customer’s convenience after the contract is established (communication contract Internet application date), a cancellation fee will be charged for the rental fee at the following rate per customer.

Cancellation date: Until 2 days before

Cancellation rate: Free

Cancellation date: The day before the rental day

Cancellation rate: 100%

Cancellation of the contract by the customer (after starting rental)

1) If a part of the rental service is not received due to the customer’s convenience, or if the rental is not required on the way, it will be considered a waiver of the customer and no refund will be given.

2) After the start of rental, if the customer is unable to receive the rental service regardless of the reason attributable to the customer, or if the Company has informed that, the “cancellation of the contract by the customer” ( Regardless of the provisions of 1), you can cancel the contract that you no longer receive without paying a cancellation fee.


Cancellation of contract by our company (after starting rental)


1) In the following cases, the Company may cancel the contract after explaining the reason to the customer even after the rental starts.

(A) When the customer is unable to use the rental equipment due to illness, absence of necessary caregivers or other reasons.

(B) Disturbance of rental management due to violations of the Company’s instructions by local staff and others for the safe and smooth rental of customers, assault or intimidation of these persons or other rental users, etc. And when hindering the safe and smooth implementation of the rental.

(C) In the event of natural disasters, wars, riots, suspension of provision of rental services such as transportation agencies, orders of public offices or other reasons that could not be involved in our company, it is impossible to continue rental When.

(D) When it becomes impossible to continue rental rental due to ineffective weather such as typhoons and snow, and ineffectiveness such as natural disasters. “


9.Customer responsibility


1) If the Company suffers damage due to customer’s intention or negligence, the Company will be liable for damages from the customer.

2) Customers must make use of the information provided by the Company to understand their rights and obligations and other contract details.

3) If the customer recognizes that the rental service is different from that at the time of booking after the start of rental, the customer must promptly notify the company at the rental site.




Skiing and snowboarding can be dangerous as well as challenging.

Skiing and snowboarding are inherently dangerous sports and you must be aware that the risk of injury is part of the sport.

There is no guarantee that a ski / boot / binding system will be released, even if it is free from injury and death.

Similarly, it is impossible to predict the situation that they will release.

Therefore, the system does not guarantee any safety.


11.Rental terms disclaimer & notes



Rental terms disclaimer


  1. 1 I know skiing and snowboarding could be dangerous sports if gets out of control.
  2. Ski binding boots or snowboard binding boot systems do not completely guarantee user safety.
  3. This rental is considered as a waiver of the customer’s rights and will not be refunded at all if the rental service is not received due to the customer’s convenience or if the rental is no longer required.
  4. After renting this rental, rental items are managed by the customer. In the unlikely event of theft, misunderstanding, loss, or damage, we may charge a considerable fee.
  5. This rental will not be liable for any injuries that occur during the sliding and handling of rental equipment. We recommend that you purchase your own insurance.
  6.  Due to the customer’s convenience, this rental may be subject to a late charge after the return time.
  7. This rental will not be refunded for any exchange or return of equipment after use, except for defective or defective equipment. Please try it on.


* As a result of the above, I agree that I will not file a claim or litigation against Appi Kogen Resort Hotels Ski Resort or its employees in the event of damage or injury from the use of rental equipment.



  1. If you wish to cancel, please complete the procedure two days before the use date ( 5 PM_).
  2. Please return it to the place where you rented it by the time decided.
  3. Edges of skis and snowboard boards are sharp and very dangerous. Please handle with care so as not to cut your hands.
  4. Please be careful of mistakes in taking equipment.
  5. Do not adjust or remodel the tool yourself.
  6. Gloves, hats and goggles are not rented in consideration of hygiene. Please purchase at shops.
  7.  When using the rental, the representative is requested to show an ID. (Driver’s license, passport, etc.)


Handling of personal information on this website

We take the utmost care in protecting your personal information and handle your personal information according to the following standards.

  1. Purpose of use of personal information The purpose of use of personal information provided by customers through the Salomon Atomic Key Rental Service is only used to execute a ski rental contract with the customer.
  2. Changes and correction of personal information If there is a change or correction of the personal information of the customer provided on this website, it can be changed or corrected within a reasonable period of time by contacting the customer service center. Follow the procedure.
  3. Disclosure of personal information to third parties As a general rule, personal information of customers will not be disclosed to third parties. However, in order to fulfill the contract with the customer, some personal information provided by the customer may be provided to the delivery company and other contractors. In addition, if required by law or government ordinance, personal information collected from customers may be disclosed exceptionally.